vintage penn saltwater reels

My pop gave me his old vintage reels. Top to bottom: Mitchell 303 Saltwater, Penn No180, Mitchell 300, and JC Chiggins baitcaster. Fun clean and restoration project! Should I fish with them
Vintage Penn 109 Casting Reel
Vintage Penn NO. 85 Fishing Reel Brown Red Penn Sea Boy Saltwater Fishing Reel Made in USA .Vintage Bakelite Fishing Reel .Gift For Him
Preços baixos em Equipamento de pesca para Água Salgada Vintage
Penn Fishing, Other, Vintage Penn Reels Peerless No 9 Levelwind Conventional Saltwater Fishing Reel
PENN Peer No. 209 Level Wind Saltwater Fishing Reel USA Vintage
Saltwater Fishing Reels PENN Fishing® US – PENN® Fishing
Vintage Penn Model 209 Level Wind Saltwater Fishing Reel Made in the USA
62 Vintage PENN Fishing Reels ideas
Penn Saltwater Reels
Vintage Penn Reels Delmar No. 285 Saltwater Conventional Fishing Reel
PENN Senator Star Drag Conventional Fishing Reel
Penn Peer 209 Vintage Reel All Metal for Sale in High Point, NC - OfferUp
Coastal Magpie
Vintage Penn Bayhead Pat'd Saltwater Fishing Reel 250yds
Pair of Vintage Ocean Saltwater Fishing Reels Penn 65 Long Beach Ocean City 112
Penn Tarpon Fishing Reels
Vintage Penn Long Beach No 66 Made In Usa Saltwater Fishing Reel
Vintage Penn No. 60 Long Beach Fishing Reel Saltwater Casting Reel
1950s Vintage PENN N. 85 Conventional Saltwater Fishing Reel
Penn 155 Saltwater Conventional Fishing Reel Good Condition for Sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL - OfferUp
I don't know too much about saltwater fishing but acquired these
Which Older USA Penn Reels are worth being purchased to use today?
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